Tuesday, October 26, 2010

...Three Little Dickie Birds...And Their Mama!

Look at this fantastically gorgeous ring I got in Penneys this morning for €3!! So good I had to buy Sarah one too!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


For all you beautiful college people who are having trouble getting all this work to go to plan. Love you all to bits and pieces, and if you believe everything will be ok, it will be!

...Another New World

So on Saturday Facebook decided to temporarily suspend my account due to violation of terms or suspicious activity or something of the likes, (?) and I havnt gotten it back yet... This does not a very happy Ciúin make, so in the meantime I am trying to distract myself with thesis writing, but that too has become tiresome (it just doesnt amuse as Facebook did? Obsession much?) and so I am creating a little entry around my isolation from the 'real' world (ok not that bad!) and posting some of the lovely (very cheap) items I have gotten in Penneys and Vita lately. I love winter clothes as I have previously mentioned, and have bought more jumpers and jackets in the last 5 weeks, than my entire life! So here is a peak into my new and improved winter wardrobe.

Josh Ritter sings, "sometimes babe we all have to wait for love..." Well Im waiting!! Maybe someone could start a get Ciúin back on Facebook campaign?? x

Cape: €12, Scarf: €6, - Penneys, T-Shirt: Present 
Cardigan: €14, Boots: €23 - Penneys
Jacket: €5 - Vita
Jumper: €12 - Penneys

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

...The Temptation of Adam

Inspiration can come from anywhere and in many different shapes and forms, however, for me, there is nothing quite as inspiring as the female figure. So here are a few images that I find beautiful. Its all about soft focus, soft lighting and the hint of skin.

Most images from here and here .
(Title: Song by Josh Ritter, can be found here .) (Most other titles also Josh songs, or variations on their titles.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

...Breithlá Sona

So Thursday is the birthday of one of my favourite people in the whole wide world! Josh Ritter is...Well, indescribably good! The man is a genius, and every time I listen to his songs (especially live!) my heart breaks a little! Not in a sad, depressed way, but under the weight of the sheer beauty of his voice and lyrics. I have never seen a more compelling or joyful live performance from any artist, as he puts his heart and soul into every word. A wonderful human being, who inspires, affirms and brings such joy to everyone who is lucky enough to hear his beautiful songs.

These images come from his 2009 concert (on his birthday!) in Whelans, and if you note his tie? It is now holding the curtain back in my living room!!! 

My favourite quote:

'Pin your heartbeat up against my heartbeat, And you'll see how well we rhyme'

and a close second:

'Every heart is a package tangled up in knots someone else tied'

...I could keep writing forever. So a 'Happy Birthday' to one of the most beautiful human beings ever born! x

Saturday, October 16, 2010

...Mad Hatter

Fourth year... Well its safe to say that it hasnt been very successful for me so far, Im feeling a wee bit  misunderstood or something?? I dont think that my ideas and vision are coming across exactly as I want them to? Working on my major project, and struggling to get it into a coherent entity. In light of that, I am posting one of the most inspirational shoots I have ever seen, one that comes back to me every time I try to envision the theatrics and fashion that I wish to embody in my work. The shoot was photographed by Tim Walker for Italian Vogue. And I am in LOVE with it!!