Saturday, October 16, 2010

...Mad Hatter

Fourth year... Well its safe to say that it hasnt been very successful for me so far, Im feeling a wee bit  misunderstood or something?? I dont think that my ideas and vision are coming across exactly as I want them to? Working on my major project, and struggling to get it into a coherent entity. In light of that, I am posting one of the most inspirational shoots I have ever seen, one that comes back to me every time I try to envision the theatrics and fashion that I wish to embody in my work. The shoot was photographed by Tim Walker for Italian Vogue. And I am in LOVE with it!!


  1. Love that shoot Ciuin! Would love to work on something like that myself. You're not misunderstood, I think your attempt to please others gets in the way of your passion. Don't cater for peoples preferences, go with your own gut and do what you love to do! Go mad! xxx

  2. Awh Gill... You nearly made me cry! (Ha! Mad see??) Thank you love x