Thursday, November 4, 2010

...Come And Find Me

Our Journey and Adventures! From The Liverpool Biennial to Mumma B's and The Stone!
Wolfgang Tillmans's intervention in the Walker Gallery was amazing.
And after all our sightseeing...The real fun began!!
There was silent disco dancing in THE TATE museum!!
Sarah and I played at Irish Touristies!
And got a little freaked out by the close proximity to ourselves in NS Harsha's Sky Gazers!
Then Tony The Duck got drunk, grew a moustache, changed his name to Oliver and it all started to go down hill from there!
First there was the passout on the platform...
Then came the cross dressing...
The Break-Dancing Puppyy...
The Champagne Bath...
And the inevitable (synchronised) physical injuries.

All that is left to say is Liverpool/Guilford/Maidstone and all your beautiful inhabitants: